Cowry Coffee is the first African brand to embrace a circular way of thinking in the coffee industry. We sell fairly traded coffee and natural eco-conscious home goods.

We partner with farmers to distribute and share coffee. To reduce the carbon footprint of our costumers’ coffee consumption, we pledge to collect the same amount of disposed coffee grounds from partner cafés and transform it into valuable goods at a scale, sustainably closing the coffee life cycle.

Our proprietary manufacturing process allows us to turn coffee grounds into a range of sustainable products. We are starting with Cups, but will soon expand to much more. 

With the rising trend of coffee consumption worldwide, we are doing our small part towards achieving zero waste while developing local industries in Africa. Contact us to learn more about  how you can work with us. 

Our unique business model allows users to offset the organic waste created through their coffee consumption while empowering our partner coffee farmers and cup markers. 



Give a second life to a material previously considered waste. 

Build new industries that create sustainable jobs. 

Provide goods to those looking to integrate sustainability into their everyday life or business operations.